Introduction to TBR

[Terrestrial Based Relativity]

Our observations of space, time and motion have been terrestrial in origin. As
such, they are subject to the parameters of that frame of reference.
Motion is force dependent, rather than generally relative. This has not been
considered, in Special Relativity.

The Theory of Special Relativity has as its main flaw, the "Twins Paradox". It is a
flaw because it implies that two different observers, in two different states of
motion will BOTH observe the others' time to dilate. That is, one will observe the
others clock to be behind, while the other will observe the formers clock to be
behind. This is an absurdity, which has been attempted to be explained away by
countless physics buffs, to no avail. The problem remains.
The bottom line is that the paradox is the downfall of the theory.

TBR, or Terrestrial Based Relativity, takes into consideration that the parameters
involved in the observation of space, time and motion, are as stated above,
"terrestrial in origin."
It takes into consideration the parameters of human perception and how these
parameters themselves have come into being.

There is no paradox in TBR, because in this theory, motion is shown to be force
dependent, the Earths rotation being the cause of the parameters of our
As shown herein, this has been verified by the Hafele and Keating Experiment of
October, 1971.